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“Their work evokes
action and emotion”
– Juan Martinez Sr. Product Manager Sony

"I bring Chuck and Sarah to all of our events because I know they will come back with everything I need, every time."

Angel AristoneSenior Vice President iHeart Media

"We know that no matter what the size and scope of our video needs, Crazy Duck will always come through for us."

Kristin SiebeneicherCommunication Manager Six Flags New Jersey

"...I definitely had the best day of my professional life yesterday, in no small part because of the work we have done together."

Richert SchnorrAssociate Director NYPL

"Chuck Fishbein understands how to use light."

Andrew DelaneyDirector Getty Images

"They are professional, inventive, supportive, enjoyable to work with, and always on point when it comes to the needs of my organization."

Ruth RathblottPresident HEAF

“Sarah’s dedication to her profession far exceeds the norm and she has an unwavering commitment to every one of her clients. The quality of her work has always surpassed my expectations.”

Jonathan SchwandtPresident Rehema Home US

"Whether they’re recording exterior scenes, interviews, general b-roll they infuse every shot on every project with a strong aesthetic sensibility. No project is too small to be beautiful."

Dara PriceProducer Sony Broadcast

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